Hey you there…

Read the word that you post
Make me hope that’s for me
Even for just a slight thought
I hope that’s me

When i finally can erase you little by little
You appear suddenly
and make a deep trace after your appearance
What do you want me to do ?
Just seeing you is hurts enough for me
Cause you never be mine

But you the one who found me
Even we never had many chance to talk
But you are the one who truly knows me than myself
I just realize after what you said
Even if it was just a dream
But you seem real for me

You said “don’t ever leave me alone cause i’m probably going to cry”
and “the harder i say no, the truly i want to say yes”
I think that’s true
I just never realize all this time
But when you say that I feel very touched
The fact that we’re just an ordinary friend
Make me sad cause i hope you know what i feel

Hey you there
How are you ?
Did you ever think about me ?
Cause you always appear in my mind
I never told you this but i miss you…


But You Never Know

Brighter than the sun
Shining more than a star
You got me with your passion

Your smiles who more sweet than sugar
Your laugh who more attractive than anyone else
Your eyes who more sparkling than diamond
Your dumb joke who make me smile

I’m shouting your name
I’m screaming when i look at you
But you never hear
You never know

When you’re in pain
I’m hurt too
When you’re crying
I’m crying beside you
But you never know

I try to understand you
I try to know you better
But you never know
You never know that i’m exist

I’m smiling for someone who never know me
I’m crying for someone who never know me
And i’m hurt for someone who never know me
Maybe you didn’t know
But that’s me

People think i’m stupid
Cry and hurt for someone who never know that i’m exist
But i never regret to know you
I’ll always here beside you

There is a time
When you cry and hurt
I really want to be there
Beside you
To hug you
To comfort you
And make you smile again
But i can’t
You’re so high in the sky
And i’m so low at the ground
I can’t reach you even if i want
I just can see you to cry, to hurt, and smile again

Sometimes i want to be a reason for you to smile again
Cause you’re the reason for me to smile
Is there any fate for us to know each other ?
If there is, i want to know you more better than now

I’m so lucky to know you
I never regret anything about you
You’re the sunshine for me
Wherever you are i want you to be happy
With your sweet smile and your sparkling eyes
I’m glad to know you
Even though you never know that i’m exist

Missing You

It’s been a while since the last time we met
But your silhouette still haunted me
We’re in different path now
But i’m still missing you

Hear the story about you
Make a little smile in my face
I thought that at least you were fine there
I don’t know if you ever hear the story about me
But i hope so
And hoping you missing me too

I know you bad for me
But i’m addicted to you
You make me stuck here
Watching you from far away

Sometimes you came to my dream
And i’m missing you
I don’t want to wake up
Your the beautiful dream that i had
You said ‘wait a little bit’
Is it what you really want ?

I’m always here this long time
But you never come
You’re the one who’s blind
Or i’m the one who’s stupid enough to wait you ?

I have a hope in you
Even though you going far away from me
I still want you
Even though i know what the ending will be

The Year

The year
When i have complicated feelings
The year
That make me to open my eyes
What kind of person is

One by one it is begin to open
Slowly i know something

Not a good end
But i learned
To didn’t across the line that you had on

The more you move away from the line
The pain will be felt
Even if the person is gone but traces remain

The Time When We Was Together

It’s almost 2 months since that day
Now everything has changed
You and me
Now we’re in the different road

Eventhough now we’re not together anymore
Did you ever remember the time when we was together ?
That memories
I missed so much

Everything now suddenly has changed
Your life and my life

You talk behind me, so was i
Isn’t it hurts for you ?
Why you should go ?
Can’t you keep still with us like before ?
Are you hate us so much ?
Did we wrongs so bad ?

I dreamed about you
Did i missed you so bad ?
I don’t know
Maybe i missed the old of us

Now everything has changed
I want to talk to you
But if i face you, i can’t say anything
You’re behave was changed so fast
It’s like we never knew each other

I’m hurt now
2,5 years isn’t a short time
First your a strangers and then become friends and now should we become strangers again ?

Whatever you do
Wherever you are
I wish the best to you

Did you ever remember the time when we was together ?
That memories
I missed so much


Too many words in this world

But neither can I say

Too much meaning in the word

Make the word meaningless to me


Is it only me who feels stupid ?

Or all of them think like that?


What is the most important of a word?


I do not even understand


Words can not describe everything

There is something very limited than just words

Can we believe it with the words that we often hear?


I was silent because the word

The word makes me feel like not meaningful

If we get hurt by words

Can not people just live quietly and listen with their eyes?

Because of You

My heart was trembling
Because of you
My heart was suffered from pain
Because of you

You give me the light that I needed
You give me the color that I never had
Thank you my love

Now time pass away
And you found your heart fate
Be with you is the best day I ever had

We’re memories will still remain inside me
Eventhough now you walk away from my side
But the days when we look each other
I’ll never forget

Your smiles, your story, your gentle
I’m really thankful
Because of you
I can know what is love look like

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